Consolidating your infrastructure with Hyper-Convergence

Hyper-convergence is a form of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualisation resources along with other technologies from scratch in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor.

Hyper-convergence grew from the concept of a converged infrastructure. Under the converged infrastructure approach, a vendor provides a pre-configured bundle of hardware and software in a single chassis with the goal of minimising compatibility issues and simplifying management. If required, the technologies in a converged infrastructure can be separated and used independently. However, the technologies in a hyper-converged infrastructure are so integrated that they cannot be broken into separate components. 

Hyper-convergence is growing in popularity as it simplifies the underlying infrastructure management and helps to break organisations out of expensive hardware lock-ins and drive down capital expenditure.

Are you ready for Hyper-Converged? 

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Enterprise Solutions Architect

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What are the options?

The HPE Hyper-Converged 380 solution is delivered as a fully integrated system including storage, server, graphics and virtualisation. This solution is fully tested and supported.

| Scale quickly and buy only what you need - simply add more as you need it. This solution is simple to order, fast to install and to expand

| This is entirely supported through HPE WW Global support

| The software, hardware and architecture have all been carefully selected to provide optimised performance

| Provided the customer possesses required networking skill set, the HC 380 can be installed by the customer themselves - reducing the need for costly technicians


Drive innovation, reduce costs and prepare your enterprise for the future with scalable, flexible convergence. Pair the right unified management system with the appropriate converged platform to implement the correct solution and create an agile, future-ready infrastructure that enables you to:

| Accelerate your time-to-market with minimal downtime

| Efficiently respond to business demands and simplify administration without compromising domain-level control

| Reduce your total cost of ownership and enhance the lifetime value of your investments

Dell converged infrastructure solutions promote superior ease of use and unrivaled flexibility, allowing IT to spend more time focusing on strategic business initiatives.


Only Nutanix provides true web-scale engineering with consumer-grade management to simplify every aspect of the IT infrastructure lifecycle.

| Simple

Bring uncompromising simplicity to every aspect of the infrastructure lifecycle, from buying and deploying to managing and scaling

| Scalable

Scale compute and storage quickly and incrementally, going from three servers to thousands with 100% predictable performance

| Versatile

Run any workload at any scale on a versatile infrastructure platform, eliminating silos and management complexity

| Resilient

Run business-critical and mission-critical applications on self-healing infrastructure that is built for always-on operation