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Experience excellence in consulting—from your go-to partner for all things software. Whether you’re looking to optimise your overall licensing strategy, streamline your processes, or uncover hidden potentials to save time and money, we have the right solution for you.

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We offer fast, well-founded and sustainable advice paired with highly-productive expert discussions to achieve a transparent and structured picture that covers everything from objectives to costs to compliance. Also, a face to talk to about all your local, regional or global needs.


  • The number of software applications deployed in a company is rising all the time
  • Clear structures and responsibilities are essential to ensure accurate licensing and licence management
  • Licence management must align to your strategic business objectives


With cloud computing, virtualisation, mobile communication and global networks, the number and types of software solutions are exploding.

  • Software vendors demand clear proof of licensing and regular compliance checks
  • Comprehensive and effective licence management is critical
  • Added transparency and control enable significant cost savings

Our experts have certified knowledge and years of experience in licences and solutions.


  • Well-trained staff are key to unlocking your company’s full potential
  • Qualifications and knowledge must be fostered and continually developed

We help you identify suitable training opportunities and advise you on planning and realising qualification programmes.

Solutions and Services.

Optimization Practice.

Bechtle can provide consultancy services that support your business to obtain an Estimated Licence Position (ELP), SAM life-cycle management and licencing insight to help establish a compliant software estate.

Transition to Cloud

Bechtle can offer a dynamic service that ensures your move/semi-move to cloud is thought through and calculated ensuring it adds value to your business. We can support your whole on-going journey to cloud from thinking, to doing, to continuously improving. 

Security Assessments & GDPR Readiness

Security Assessments & GDPR ReadinessThe new EUGDPR is due to launch in May 2018. This topic raises many questions and challenges about business security, data management and data protection. Our security specialists can provide advisory support on this topic. Our selection of security assessments are also designed to support you on this GDPR readiness journey, providing insight into your data and security management.

Take our Free, online Microsoft supported GDPR Readiness assessment here


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