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All about cloud computing.

Cloud computing is set to revolutionise the IT market—and, consequently, your company too. Flexibility, speed, scalability, BYOD, cost efficiency, security and transparency—these will be the defining features of the future.

Create your cloud architecture of the future.

Planning, building and running an efficient cloud infrastructure requires more than just knowledge of the technology. You also have to pay close attention to preparing your IT environment and defining the requirements on your future architecture. In addition to the IT infrastructure itself, processes, user management, monitoring, profitability (ROI) and, of course, the applications to go on the cloud should all be carefully considered.

The benefits:

  • Detailed gap analysis to determine your targets
  • Only IT-related aspects taken into account
  • Integration of existing hardware and technology investments
  • Cross-platform compatibility and upgradability with standard applications from leading manufacturers
  • Sustainability and future-proofing through Bechtle’s comprehensive services from a multi-vendor helpdesk.

The cloud is for:

  • Companies looking to expand and develop their IT infrastructure and who want online access to software on their own network
  • Companies requiring secure joint access (VPN) and use of provider hardware
  • Companies who want on demand, secure access to their own IT infrastructure and provider-hosted software for authorised user groups, as well as managed services
  • Companies looking for a dedicated online conference system to connect with their partners in audio and video

Data security:

  • Define the level of data security you need
  • Secure data storage in the cloud
  • Secure data transfer to the cloud
  • Secure data processing
  • Secure data archiving
  • Secure access to cloud services
  • Secure data wiping

Products & Solutions.

Adobe VIP.

The Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP) is a subscription licensing program that makes it convenient for organisations of all sizes to purchase, deploy and manage Adobe products. There is no minimum order quantity, and it makes procuring software and compliance with licence terms a breeze. Some of the key benefits of this licence programme include easy registration, quick access, on-demand licensing, immediate software procurement, simple licence management and reliable compliance.

Microsoft Office 365.

Boost your efficiency, optimise your processes and gain full transparency with the new application and collaboration opportunities in Microsoft Offce 365, including information on how individual applications are used across your organisation. Through our modular approach, we assess your requirements, analyse your existing IT landscape and develop an individualised full-cloud or hybrid solution.

Microsoft Azure.

Azure is an open, flexible public cloud platform that offers a wide range of services. Whether used individually or combined, these services are provided only to the extent of your desired needs and will be billed accordingly. With a guaranteed 99.9% availability. Run applications save and process data in the cloud and securely and effectively integrate resources from your own data centres or local client applications into the cloud.


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