bios® Asset.

(Study conducted by Deloitte, an audit and consulting services company)

In recent years, it has become increasingly complex not only to procure, but also manage hardware and software assets. Many companies simply do not have the time or expert knowledge to ensure professional asset management. What’s more, non-automated inventories are prone to gaps and errors.



All Inclusive.

bios® Asset is a modular, cost-effective IT asset management solution that is optimally integrated into the procurement process. Using the data on your electronic invoices, Bechtle automatically records all purchased goods and services in your central asset database. This database includes not only the product description, but also the serial number and all important order and invoice information. A viewable XML copy of the invoice is provided for each asset, and you can supplement the database with additional information such as users, workplaces and cost centres. Even better, you can import, manage and analyse the assets you already use.

A Clear Overview.

bios® Asset turns your IT inventory information into useful asset management data, giving you a huge advantage! In addition to minimising the time required to plan new acquisitions and equipment life cycles, it maximises your IT resource efficiency. It also provides an overview of your IT costs and where they come from. Comprehensive asset management functions keep you up to date on all of the hardware and software used in your business. This benefits not only your IT staff, but also your purchasing and controlling departments, who can use it to continuously optimise complex tasks such as hardware life cycle management—in other words, everything from purchase planning, financing and procurement to distribution, deployment, maintenance and disposal.

bios® Asset Base Module Features.

• Inventory and cost reports
• Import of organisational structures (cost centres, users, affiliations, departments)
• Import of existing assets to ensure data integrity
• Asset, change and IMAC management
• Internal IT charge rates (service type) per asset and workplace
• Export of data into other systems (e.g. for accounting purposes)

Additional IT Controlling Features.

The base module includes IT controlling features to ensure cost and performance transparency. It also provides:
• Information on service types
• Comprehensive standard reports, including the option to export to CSV or PDF
• Extensive filters in reports
• Customisable reports
• Graphs (bar graphs, etc.)

Additional Module: Licence.

Software asset management (SAM) is on everyone’s mind these days! This is the result of regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and Basel II, but also because corporate management can be held personally liable if their business is incorrectly licensed.

In addition to ensuring compliance, comprehensive licence management can also help you identify and realise significant cost-savings potential. bios® Asset licence management is therefore divided into three main components:
• Licence agreement management
• Software catalogue
• Compliance check

Licence agreement management provides an easy way to document all your agreements in a clear format. Licences purchased from Bechtle are automatically added as new assets and linked with the corresponding agreement. This way, you have an online overview of which licences were bought under which agreements. You can even import the licences you currently use via a standardised CSV file.

Your preferred scan tool first determines which software is actually used in your organisation. This information is then imported into the central bios® Asset software catalogue, where it is analysed and matched with your software licences. Any unidentified software information is recorded in a Delta list.

The unidentified software is then reviewed and matched either by yourself or Bechtle. Using the scan results, your company’s software usage is matched with specific computers (recorded in bios® Asset) and workplaces. The licence manager now checks if your company has all the required software licences, which may reveal overlicensing or underlicensing. If necessary, you can simply order missing licences through bios®, thus ensuring that your company is properly licensed.

This solution gives you a clearly organised overview of the licences, licence agreements, installations and software pools in your company. You can even assign cost centres to individual workplaces in order to break down licensing costs by source.

Additional Module: Leasing.

Get to grips with leasing agreements! The Leasing module features:
• Leasing agreement management
• Authorisation and allocation of invoices to leasing agreements
• Breakdown of inventory by leasing agreement
• Agreement analysis, agreement expiration
• Payment plan
• Various types of cost and inventory analyses
• Collection orders / end-of-lease process

Additional Module: Service Desk.

The Service Desk serves as a single, central point of contact between users and your IT department. It’s the perfect quality-assurance tool, featuring a fully integrated, extensive ticket system.

The Service Desk lets you:
• Process and manage tickets
• Track ticket activities
• Create tasks within a ticket
• Receive e-mail notifications for ticket status changes