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Tandberg RDX 4TB Cartridge (8824-RDX)

  • Reference No. 8824-RDX
  • Bechtle No. 4094660

£ 401.00 * excl. VAT
£ 481.20 **

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Availability : In stock
Format: RDX, Capacity: 4 TB, Packaging unit: 1-pack, Product type: Media  Details

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Darren Potter, product manager
Darren Potter
Product manager

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- Based on mobile hard disk technology, but accommodates standard tape drives and cartridges
- Shockproof and shielded from electromagnetic interference
- Protects your data during storage, restore and transport

Compatible with all RDX drives and docking stations (Tandberg, HP, Dell, Imation, etc.)

Further information

    Technical Information

    Format: RDX
    Capacity: 4 TB
    Packaging unit: 1-pack
    Product type: Media
    Manufacturer's warranty: 3-year advance exchange service (see manufacturer's website for details)

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    Do you have a question about this product?

    Darren Potter, product manager
    Darren Potter
    Product manager

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