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Kensington ClickSafe Twin Lock (K64638WW)

  • Reference No. K64638WW
  • Bechtle No. 649060
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£ 68.16 **

All Online Orders: £6.95 per order. All Email, Fax and Postal Orders: £9.95 - £12.95 per order up to 25 kg. Over 25 kg on request.

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Lock type: Cable lock, Lock Slot: Kensington Slot, Locking mechanism: Keyed lock, Number of devices: 2, Cable thickness: 5.0 mm  Details

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Darren Potter, product manager
Darren Potter
Product manager

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ClickSafe is setting new standards for computer security and user friendliness: the keyless system gives businesses an easy-to-use and intelligent solution to keep their computers and data safe from theft.
Simultaneously protects two devices with only one cable.
The very strong, 5 mm thick and 1.5 m long steel cable (extended by an additional 20 cm cable with the second locking mechanism) provides maximum physical security for devices that have Kensington slots, such as notebooks, LCD monitors, projectors and docking stations.
The 12.7 mm low-profile lock guarantees compatibility with thin notebooks.
The ClickSafe lock can be pivoted up to 180° and rotated a full 360° for optimum comfort and flexibility.
The tamper-proof disc-style lock from superior materials offers impenetrable protection.
Two keys are provided, as well as an online key registration and key replacement service.

Also available as a master-keyed system (manufacturer's no. K64640M) or a single-keyed system (manufacturer's no. K64640S) for orders of 25 or more.

Further information

    Technical Information

    Lock type: Cable lock
    Lock Slot: Kensington Slot
    Locking mechanism: Keyed lock
    Number of devices: 2
    Cable thickness: 5.0 mm
    Cable length: 1.7 m
    Product type: Anti-theft protection
    Manufacturer's warranty: 30-year bring-in (see manufacturer's website for details)

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    Do you have a question about this product?

    Darren Potter, product manager
    Darren Potter
    Product manager

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