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HOBLink JWT Java-RDP Client (11506874-1-49)

  • Reference No. 11506874-1-49
  • Bechtle No. 4148925

£ 102.70 * excl. VAT
£ 123.24 **

All Online Orders: £6.95 per order. All Email, Fax and Postal Orders: £9.95 - £12.95 per order up to 25 kg. Over 25 kg on request.

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Zoe Jeffery, product manager
Zoe Jeffery
Product manager

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Further information

    Data sheet :


    RDP Client for all established platforms: HOBLink JWT 4.1
    The areas of application of HOBLink JWT are as individual and variable as your company. Whenever you would like to remotely access Remote Desktop Server, VDI, or desktop systems via RDP, HOBLink JWT is the perfect solution. Secure, flexible, and fast. Optionally you can access even Macs or graphical Linux/Unix interfaces.

    What are the features of HOBLink JWT 4.1?
    - Numerous integrated international keyboard layouts without compatibility problems
    - Flexible Printing Options: Easy Print lets you print on a local printer with a universal driver on the server
    - Integrated load balancing: Optimally use resources, optionally expandable by distribution over up to 13 different parameters
    - Application Serving: allows the automatic execution of a pre-determined application as soon as the user has logged onto the server

    Your benefits:
    - No installation and administration rights needed on the part of the client - easily and quickly deployable
    - Tailor-made solution, independent of operating systems used
    - Reconnected Session: If a connection is terminated unexpectedly, the user can simply reconnect to the disconnected session - data cannot be lost.
    - Perfect use of existing infrastructure for long-term protection of your previous investments
    - Scalable solution
    - Only one printer required on the server

    Licensing details:
    HOBLink JWT, Java-RDP-Client 4.1 subscription licence incl. 1 year maintenance: 8 x 5, for 1-49 users, for all Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers. Optional: HOBLink Secure
    Format: ESD key

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    Do you have a question about this product?

    Zoe Jeffery, product manager
    Zoe Jeffery
    Product manager

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